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I craft beautiful and usable interfaces for real-world impact.

Explore my curated portfolio below.

Farmily: Innovating Urban Gardening for Community Engagement

UX Research | UX Design | User Testing

EmpowHer: A holistic approach to PCOS well-being

UX Research | UX Design | User Testing

AI Instructional Coach: Logan & Friend

UX Research | UX Design | User Testing

This portfolio is best experienced on a larger screen for optimal viewing. It utilizes interactive elements and detailed visuals that are easier to navigate on a desktop or tablet.

Identity, Design, Purpose.

In my design philosophy, I strive to create purposeful products that prioritize user-friendliness, accessibility, and diverse perspectives. I believe in understanding the problem deeply before proposing solutions and in crafting intuitive designs that improve people's lives. Utilizing ethnography to gain insights, I emphasize accessibility for all abilities and disabilities. My goal is to drive both customer satisfaction and commercial success through the principles of inclusive design.

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