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Hello there! I'm Apoorva, a Product Designer, Architect, and devoted Cat-Mom. My journey has been nothing short of extraordinary – starting with my architectural studies, transitioning into the world of fashion and beauty, and now, driven by my passion for design, I'm currently pursuing a Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction at IUPUI in Indianapolis.

When I'm not delving into the digital landscape, I immerse myself in captivating literature, indulge in curated film and television experiences, and exercise my creativity by designing clothing. I also appreciate the timeless charm of long beachside walks – because sometimes clichés hold a certain truth.

In addition to all this, I'm on a journey of musical discovery, currently learning to master the bass guitar. 🎸✨


AUG '23 - PRESENT | Research Assistant, UX Designer | COMET Lab @ IUPUI

JAN '21 - JULY '22 | Digital Merchandising Assistant | Ounass, Dubai

MAY '19 - MAY '20 | Architectural Intern | Khatib & Alami Consultants, Dubai 


Rasa Certified Developer | 2024 | Certificate ID: CLBDFSSQSV-ZJTZLJZHZ-XTXPPPCXRM

 I'm equipped with the skills to build my own AI bot! This not only enhances my personal skill set but also allows me to approach UX projects involving AI with a much clearer understanding of both their potential and limitations.


2022-2024 | MS Human-Computer Interaction | Indiana University, Indianapolis

2015-2020 | Bachelor of Architecture | Manipal University, India

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